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MEDIA RELEASE: Tanga Cement PLC Women Employees celebrate International Women Day with style

March 2017 – Women employees of Tanga Cement PLC marked this year’s International Women’s Day in style by walking 6 kilometre. The event included all female and wives of male empolyees of Tanga Cement PLC. This year Tanga Cement PLC celebrated IWD with a theme “TAKING CHARGE OF MY HEALTH”. The celebration involved also free health screening to all women which aimed at increasing awareness and encouraging them to be more health conscious.

Speaking during the ceremony the Acting Tanga Regional Medical Officer Dr Amina Mchalanganya said “better health and regular medical check-ups help employees including women to become fit and perform better at work. Today after taking part in a jogging exercise, I advice women to take more regular check-ups for themselves and do more exercise so as to avoid getting ill.

She further added; “due to the nature of a woman body regular checks will help us to tackle any illness earlier and avoid serious consequences. I call upon all women in Tanga region to visit any health centre for check-ups. We are encouraged most of us to test for cervical cancer due to its high rate.

Tanga Cement PLC CSI policy focuses in areas of education, health, community development and environment sustainability.

International Women Days is celebrated each year on 8 March 2017 and this year theme was “ Be bold for change”.





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