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About Tanga Cement Plc
Tanga Cement Company Limited is a producer and supplier of cement used in construction and making of concrete products.

The construction of the plant commenced in 1978 with commissioning taking place in July 1980. The plant was designed and constructed by a Danish company, FL Smidth. Read More

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Company Highlights
Media Release: Simba Cement recognised as a SUPERBRAND

Dar es Salaam, 15 June 2015
Most manufacturers in Tanzania say their survival depends on the quality of their products entering the market. With the increasing competition which is partly resulted from new entrants in the market, it is only quality that will make them survive.

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Media Release: Tanga Cement Plc Donates 300 bags of Cement for Construction of Health Centre at Kismatui village, Pongwe Ward

Tanga, 26 May 2015
Tanga Cement Public Limited Company, has donated a total of Three hundred (300) bags of Simba cement as its donation towards construction of a village health centre. The cost of the donated cement is Tzs3,540,000.

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Tanga Cement Plc celebrates Women's Day

Tanga, 21 March 2015
All around the world, International women’s day is the day to remember and appreciate the role and strength contributed by women to the community. The commemoration of celebrating women’s day is to call for more and greater equality for women.

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Media Release: Tanga Cement Plc supports flood victims

Kahama, 10 March 2015
The humanitarian aid was handed over to Shinyanga Regional Commissioner Mr Ally Fufaga by Tanga Cement Commercial Manager Mr Mattheus Roos. The humanitarian aid was due to the hailstorm that attacked Makata village during the night of 05 March 2015. The donated goods value Tsh 17 million which included items such as blanket, soaps, clothes, drinking water, clothes, etc.

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Media Release: Tanga Cement Plc Sales and Marketing department organizes a marketing conference

Arusha, 21 February 2015
The event was held on 21 February 2015 in Arusha at Arumeru River Lodge. It involved invites from Government institutions also. Aim of the conference was to introduce new Simba logo, marketing strategies for the Year 2015 and to thank our customers and distributers for their loyalty towards simba brand.

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Dar es Salaam, 20 Feb 2015
Tanga Cement Plc is the member of Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI). CTI has been organizing the famous Presidential Manufacturer of the Year Award (PMAYA)with the aim of recognizing the industries’ contribution to the Tanzanian economy and award outstanding firms.

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Media Release: Tanga Cement Plc hands over a block of two classrooms, 70 Desks and 2 toilets to Sing’isi Secondary School in Arumeru

Arumeru, 18 February 2015
Tanga Cement Plc has constructed and handed over a block of two classrooms, 70 desks and 2 toilets to Singi’si Secondary School as part of the company Corporate Social Investment which aims at supporting Tanzania community in different areas of the country. The total donation cost is Tzs 64,174,700.

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Tanga, 22 November 2014
Tanga Cement Public Limited Company (TCPLC), the producer of a well-known Simba Cement brand, is sponsoring a two-days fishing competition in Tanga, the Tanga Open Fishing Competition; from Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 November. This is one of the most attractive social event in Tanga region.

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Media Release: Tanga Cement Public Limited Company Donates 1000 bags of Cement to Mkinga District

Tanga, 21 October 2014
Tanga Cement Public Limited Company has donated a total of one thousand (1000) bags of Simba cement to Mkinga district as part of Corporate Social Investment program which aims at supporting Tanzania communities.

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Media Release: Tanga Cement Plc Refurbished and Hands-over Saruji Primary School in Tanga

Tanga, 28 August 2014
Tanga Cement Plc (TCCL) has refurbished and handed over Saruji Primary School’s buildings to the school authority in Tanga. The school is located at Kichangani village, in the Tanga City.

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Simba Cement proud sponsor of Kili marathon
East African Business Week | March 10, 2014

Tanga Cement Plc : Cement Firm Set to Extend Kili Marathon Contract
www.4-traders.com | March 4th, 2014
Sponsor pledges to back Kili Marathon
IPP Media | March 4th, 2014
Cheap cement imports deprive Dar of 8bn/- in uncollected taxes




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Tanga Cement Company Limited manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
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CSI & Environment
Tanga Cement Company Limited has taken its Corporate Social Investments (CSI) programme to a higher level with the emphasis being put on direct help to communities.
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As a result of management and staff commitment to environmental stewardship, consistent with the Tanga Cement Company Limited environmental policy, conditions at the plant continued to exhibit significant improvements.
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